Rack inspection

Approved rack inspectors by the Association VLB
A high technical competence is necessary for a qualified inspection. Approved rack inspectors by VLB have demonstrated by passing the final examination that they possess the necessary knowledge.

Insights in the static design
The annual inspection of storage equipment must be conducted by an expert person. Expert means that the inspector knows the laws, regulations, the rules of trade associations and the European standards which specifically apply to shelves such as DIN EN 15512, DIN EN 15620, DIN EN 15629 and the DIN EN 15635. Moreover, special know-how about the specific storage equipment/rack system is necessary.

For a qualified inspection it is absolutely necessary that the inspector has access to the static design. The leading shelf manufacturers represented in the Verband Lagertechnik Betriebseinrichtung have developed a common training in order to assure perfect qualification of the storage inspectors.

Trainings over several days
Responsibility for occupational safety
Safety and economic viability for storage equipment/shelves